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Delta System Failure Causes Problems

Omar Uraimov Aug. 19, 2016, 6:52 a.m.

For approximately six hours early last Monday, Delta Airlines systems were shut down, causing flight cancellations and delays. While the main effects were felt Monday, when hundreds of thousands of passengers were grounded due to the computer failures, the outage continued to affect passengers throughout the week.

Last Wednesday morning, Delta Airlines issued a statement, detailing what passengers need to know about the failures. What stands out is that as of 4:30 ET Wednesday, there were still over 300 flight cancellations, and that there were about 800 cancellations Tuesday, even after what happened Monday.

Originally, a power outage on Monday at Delta’s headquarters in Atlanta caused cancellations early in the morning. Since then, Delta has issued multiple statements apologizing for the incident and offering a compensation of a $200 flight voucher to affected passengers. Operations and flights are back up and running, but the original flights are still delayed and cancelled.

As of Friday, August 12, Delta has fully recovered from its system failure, though we don’t know just how much it will cost them. Southwest Airlines had a similar system failure just last month, and it is projected to cost them over 60 million US dollars. Crew members and airplanes were scattered around the country due to the failure and cancellations continued to take place through Thursday. These incidents likely tell us that outdated airline systems are causing problems for passengers. Passengers have raised concerns on social media about the recent shutdowns at both Delta and Southwest:

With such devastating incidents, hopefully we can all expect updated technology for airlines so they can ensure similar accidents won’t happen again any time soon.