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When To Take Your Trip

Omar Uraimov Sept. 1, 2016, 3:45 p.m.

Everyone eventually gets the itch to take off somewhere and discover a new place or live out some new experiences in a land far away. It seems so easy to just book a flight and hotel and be on your way, but there’s always a few details you need to think about. Whether it's the climate of the region or the level of crowds you’ll face when you’re out there, you always have to make sure and think your way through a trip at least a little bit.

Seasons Probably the first thing you should think about when planning a trip are the climate and the weather patterns of your destination. Ideally, if you’re going on a vacation, you’d like to go during a time when the weather is "perfect". Due of this, it’s in your best interest to check out how the weather of your destination has been for the past few years. By looking at the climate and weather patterns, and figuring out the most comfortable time to go, you’ll drastically increase your chances of having an optimal experience. Otherwise, forgoing the research could land you in, for example, Phoenix in the middle of the summer - when the average temperatures are over 100 degrees fahrenheit. You could easily find websites to research the weather of wherever you plan to go in order to have a better experience.


Tourism Another thing you should anticipate, particularly if you're seeking a more quiet, relaxing, or romantic getaway, are crowds aka tourist seasons. If you decide to go to Cancun during spring break, when students are on vacation, don't expect to have those lovely beaches to yourself. If you can choose when to vacation, you should probably avoid times when school is out for kids and students. Going somewhere, especially within the United States, during school time will provide the lowest number of crowds and kids.

These two planning details generally factor into the trip cost. In addition to traveling when others are not, and around the edge of "bad weather season" when it may or may not affect your outcome, you'll happen to find better flight deals and book hotels at discounted rates.