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Where To Go This Winter - 5 Winter Holiday Travel Ideas

Omar Uraimov Dec. 19, 2016, 7:25 a.m.

The winter holiday season is upon us and that means another opportunity to go out and discover some of the hidden treasures of our amazing world. The question is where should you go for the holidays? We often hear about numerous getaway places, like the Bahamas or Aspen, but our list below offers our top 5 winter vacation destinations:

Lake Bled, Slovenia

It's Slovenia's most popular resort destination, and for good reason. The Julian Alps is a winter wonderland right out of a fairytale. The Pilgrimage Church on Bled Island in the middle of the lake looks mystical in the winter snow and the surrounding area is just as picturesque. For those looking for more to do than just take in the sights and sounds Bled provides classic winter activities so there’s plenty to experience and enjoy.

Quick Tip: Do a PEX+ Flight Search to fly into Ljubljana (LJU) - or if you're not finding a great deal, try Zagreb (ZAG) or Venice (VCE) and take the scenic drive over. This is a great opportunity to coordinate a multi-country vacation.

Quebec City, Canada

The Winter Carnival makes this city truly stand out when looking for something seasonal to do during the holidays. The carnival includes a masquerade ball, festive decor, ice sculptures, and 200 activities for you and your family to enjoy. The Winter Carnival also overlaps the one-of-a-kind Ice Hotel, where you can experience a stay in a hotel made of ice. Bonus for North American vacationers is that it's not a pricy long haul trip to get there.

Quick Tip: If flights to Quebec City (YQB) are overpriced, you can use PEX+ Flight Search to look into airfare to Montreal instead (YUL). It's a bit of drive, but not unbearable and it's also scenic.

Lake Tahoe, USA

Emerald Bay will probably remind you of Lake Bled due to the island in the middle. While this one’s missing a fairytale castle, Lake Tahoe is just as spectacular of a visit and close to home for Americans. Take in the natural beauty of the surrounding scenery, get your adrenaline running with a skiing fix (or winter sport of your choice), or gamble in true Nevada fashion.

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Leukerbad, Switzerland

Leukerbad is an Alpine ski resort town more well-known by locals and tourists from nearby countries, but has been a secret gem kept from Americans - until now. This fantasy winter destination, located in the breathtaking Swiss Alps, doesn't only cater to the high adrenaline winter sport enthusiasts, but also those who love to get pampered. Ski your heart out during the day, relax your muscles with post-activity indoor and outdoor thermal baths, and cozy on up to an authentic Swiss chocolate hot cocoa in the evening. Don't forget to take in the fairy tale view!

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Fairbanks, Alaska

If you can brave the sub-arctic temperatures, an adventure to Fairbanks will lead to a rewarding experience. Fairbanks is one of the few American locations to enjoy the Northern Lights, learn about the Yukon/Alaska gold-mining industry, and the North American Championship Sled Dog Race. The city is also home to the World Ice Art Championship, the world's largest ice-carving contest.

Quick tip: when searching for airfare, Fairbanks has its own airport (FAI).